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Originally Posted by madgoat33 View Post
wright missed like 4 tackles in the sea game and dropped an easy pick that would have gone a long ways towards sealing the game. and conte didn't do anything, but steltz go a fair amount of playing time

as for not watching the games, excuse me while i laugh in your face. i accurately pegged this team from jumpstreet. and how on earth does the overall stats of the d reflect the play of the safeties? were you the same guy arguing that Manning was playing bad because the Texans d was getting torched?
Conte was sick and went out of the game on the first drive. I can only remember Wright missing one tackle and that was on the last TD when he tried to rip the ball out. Wright's biggest mistake was dropping that INT, but that happens...just happened to him at a very inopportune time.

You said the safeties were bad against Green Bay, don't try to change your argument now. You were wrong, flat out wrong. The safeties have been fine this year and have been really good the last 2 years when Wright and Conte have played together. Are they the top group in the league? No, but they are not a problem as I first posited.

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