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12-06-2012, 02:10 PM
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I'm extremely confident we're going to have a season. The sides are far too close now to blow it all up, especially from the player's perspective. If you go back to square one from the PA side and dig in, wipe a whole year, you're essentially banking that de-certification works (it never has). If it doesn't, then the players are completely screwed.

The owners are in a far better position to put the squeeze on. There are only a handful of them, first and foremost, and they all have way more money than the players. They can afford to wait things out much longer than the players can. It wouldn't be long before a large section of players got fed up with not making a paycheque and would put the pressure on to get a deal done...A deal that, at that point, would be much, MUCH worse than what's on the table for the players now.

I share the sentiment of a few writers on twitter that while this last bit is going to be difficult, and while both sides may be unhappy, both sides know the finish line is within sight and that it would be foolish to wipe a season now instead of making what they almost have work.

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