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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
EDIT: As I fear that I'm taking us off track, I'll bring it back to my initial point--contract length limits are unnecessary, especially with a small yearly deviance cap. I'm not advocating for the baseball model, simply illustrating that a lack of contract length limits hasn't been detrimental to the competitive balance of that sport. The "broken" system in the NHL has been just as successful as any other system when it comes to allowing numerous teams to succeed. Capping contract lengths won't suddenly make poor teams profitable, and it won't make them more competitive.
I'm saying max contract lengths is good for the sport and good for ownership and good for most players because most of them are not gonna get over a 5 year deal anyway.

It just frees up badly invested money sooner. And all it costs is the retirement packages for a small handful of superstars.

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