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12-06-2012, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Mkoll View Post
Are they both greedy? yes.

I think the major difference, and why ppl tend to say players are more greedy is the fact the owners have invested millions of their own money into a business, taking a large risk in losing millions. The players just want a large guaranteed paycheck with no risk (health risk aside because even injured they'll get paid, right?).

And before you jump down my throat, I am neutral on the subject. I just want hockey.
Really though the same thing could be said about the players. No they didn't invest millions of their own dollars, but they did invest money and especially time to make the NHL a career. It's not like they just get their because of talent alone, they need the drive and push. They players are also a main reason the owners get those millions of dollars of profit. They deserve the right to fight for as big of a paycheck they can get, just like the NHL deserves the right to fight for as much money they can get. 50/50 is great, it seems they agreed on this, but to say the NHLPA is now only repsonsible for things not getting finished is crazy. Talks about pensions are big, the players need this for retirement and so on.

Remember when we think NHL players we think Giroux, Crosby, Ovie, usually superstars. We aren't thinking about the 4th line plugs like Cote(I know retired), Winchesters, Bickells. These guys generally have very short careers and then are thrown out to make it on their own. Yes they made 800K a year for three years, now what to do for the other 27 years they need to work. The NHLPA is trying to look out for the stars(who will be fine and make millions upon millions) as well as the guys who won't be able to sustain a long career.

Don't want you to think that i'm jumping on you here, but I feel like it should definitely be seen from both sides. Both sides put a **** ton of work into their jobs to make it where they are now, and both deserve to fight for what they feel is the best fit for them, even if the fans don't agree with the process.

But like we all have been saying, we do deserve to see hockey, and this process could have been handled better from both sides.

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