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12-06-2012, 03:27 PM
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Fehr's Flock seems pretty damn clueless. Yeah, the mediators that accomplished nothing a week ago should come back and officially signal the end of the season.

Fehr's Flock does know that they will get a worse deal if the season is cancelled, right? The only point of leverage they have is that by playing a shortened season, the owners will recoup some lost money. That's the only thing they have going for them. If Fehr's Flock decides not to play this year, the offer from the owners is only going to get worse.

I honestly have no clue what the NHLPA could be thinking at this point if they don't push to get a deal done. NHL is like the 5-7th most popular sport in the US. The players make millions on average and the great majority of those players have no other avenue that is even as remotely attractive when it comes to getting a job, yet they seem extremely emboldened to do everything possible to subvert an agreement. Haven't enough guys returned from Europe unhappy about the conditions of playing over there to make them realize the NHL isn't such a bad place to be?

I also can't belive contract rights (that affect about 1-2% of the players) could really be such a strong sticking point. Are the bottom-6 grinders and depth defensmen and fringe players and old veterans really okay with that? Yeah, I'm give up a year's salary and possibly help end my career so a handful of guys can sign guaranteed 10-year deals worth 100+ million dollars. Give me a break. I really wonder how the NHLPA would vote if the owners latest proposal was offered up in a blind vote. I'm guessing the majority would vote to take the deal.

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