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12-06-2012, 03:38 PM
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Originally Posted by Replacement View Post
So reporting a snowstorm advisory on weather websites at 12:30 yesterday a full 40mins after the intense snowstorm had started is doing a pretty good job reporting a complex phenomenon?

Look in the sky, its big fluffy white stuff happening thick, all over, and can't see a block. Yeah, its a snowstorm.

A reasonable expectation of their whole reason for being is reporting that weather BEFORE and not AFTER the storm onset.

Any of us get better "weather predicting" looking out the window.

The weather advisories in this prairie province are a complete and utter joke and they are due to cutbacks, staffing, and facility. In a province that committed to do more after the 1987 tragedy and several tragedies since.

AS weather systems get more intense over the globe, and of course on the prairies we require much better prognostications and advisories then we are getting.

An advisory ISN'T a warning after we setdown in Kansas...
A quick check of Global Edmonton's weather video archive on the evening of Dec 4th provided me with a prediction that there was a 60% chance of snow forecast for noon on Dec 5th. So the historically least accurate form of weather prediction (the local news station) was properly calibrated. If one wanted an exact prediction of 15 cm of snow starting at exactly 11:50 AM then that is beyond the current computational power (i.e., quantifying a chaotic system).

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