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12-06-2012, 03:11 PM
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Originally Posted by steffeG View Post
Minister of Offence: Was talking about his season as a whole, not his point totals. Obviously I think Zibanejad can score 27 points at some point. There's a difference playing in Couturier's role and in an offensive, sheltered role.

Couturier was the #1 defensive forward, i.e. played the toughest minutes on that team. He put up 31 points with low-level skill and little-to-none PP time. It's damn impressive, and "hard-pressed" might've been excessive but if one of our prospects would go on to do that in his career we should be damn happy wherever he was picked.

Zibanejad was considered one of the most NHL-ready prospects in the draft. I don't know what is meant by "raw" and "project" here, because being more physically developed should mean he's less of a project, and closer to where he should be.
Couturier had a very impressive season. I never said anything else.
As for Zibanejad being one of the most NHL ready prospects - sure, maybe physically, but he was a guy who jumped 20 spots in a matter of months due to a new found offensive flair. His offensive skill was so incredibly raw and he was most definitely referred to as a project. I sense a little revisionist history here. Couturier was supposed to go #1 overall, largely because of his NHL readiness. Zibanejad had just jumped 20 spots because he displayed a flash of raw offensive ability.
If you can't distinguish the difference there I have nothing left to say. Hell, at this point I expect Couturier to be a bit better but your side of this argument is equally ludicrous as saying Zibanejad will definitely be better than Sean.

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