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12-06-2012, 03:12 PM
Rich Nash
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Originally Posted by GWOW View Post
Novak 2012 FG% -- .478
Novak 2013 FG% -- .409

Novak 2012 3-pt % -- .472
Novak 2012 3-pt % -- .426

Sorry, but the guy isn't playing well. He deserves credit for filling in admirably after Kidd was hurt but he's just not hitting shots the way he used to.

And aside from 3-point shooting, what's Novak's other "dimension"? Is he a good cook? Does he tell parlor jokes to keep the team loose?
.472 is historically good. .426 is still above average. And that's with that 1-10 chuckfest earlier in the season when he was still messing around with his shot.

He's slumping only in the way that he's not continuing to be one of the best three point shooters ever seen in the history of the NBA.

We should be ENCOURAGED that he's hitting so many shots despite being off his game, instead of saying "**** Novak."

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