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05-29-2006, 04:00 PM
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you guys forget something!!

I grant you that Luongo is a top goalie, but under a CAP you should never ever trade your cheap and good rookies.

It takes 3-4 years after you pick them in the draft to develop them and just when they hit the NHL team you trade them ! I don't think so. Trade a draft pick and it's the other team that has to wait for 3-4 years.
Luongo will DEMAND big bucks now and it's the Panthers that have reaped to reward of haveing Luongo for a few years at cheap prices.

If you get a top player but you must have to pay big bucks, it's no great deal, it's paying for what you get.
If I buy a new 911 Porche for $30,000 it's a deal.
At $100,000 sure it's a porche but it's the going rate.
Now giving the dealership 3-4 trade in cars and then having to pay $100,000 is no deal at all. It's dumb.

Is MTL ready to make a cup run next year? NO.
Chip,Tender,Grab, S. Kost and maby a few other are still 1-2-3 years away.
OH but wait ! Luongo will be free in 1-2 years to sign with the Habs.

If the Panthers want something now so they don't have to PAY Luongo an extra 3-4 mil per year then all they should get is 2 Hab regulars that can be replaced. Like Zednik-Ryder-Bonk-Ribs, it the Panthers don't want then too bad, pay Luongo all your extra Cap space next year and stay in the basement of the NHL.

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