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Originally Posted by jughead42 View Post
Goaltending and the future state of our goaltending is the least of our issues, even if you think its an issue at all - which I don't. Dekort doesn't have to be our number one goalie next year to be successful. It would be ideal if he were ready next year and capable, and we're doing nothing to keep that from being possible, but there's no way we should be counting on him to carry us next year. Pavelka is playing great for us, and Dekort has been solid when counted upon. What's the problem? Pavelka is undrafted and a solid overage candidate regardless of his import status, so if Dekort needs more seasoning we have an in-house option already. I know people are going to howl about wasting an OA and Import slot on the same guy, but if you're ever going to do that it's going to be for a good goalie and it's going to be when you don't have a lot of other options for OA's or Imports. That seems to be our situation on both accounts if the Niagara pick is late enough. We really don't have problems in net, Dekort is going to be fine.
In most cases I am dead set against having an OA take up an import spot on a team and in this case I am. Niederberger is an OA/import in Barrie but they also have a PPG D in OConnor as an OA and PPG F in Beyers so they are clearly getting a lot of production from their other OA's which makes having an OA/Import in Niederberger possible. With the Spits they can't score goals at all and are on pace for back to back years of ineptness in scoring goals. Add in the fact you have 2 import 1st rounders if you keep Pavelka and punt one of your import 1st rounders that will be 2 import 1st rounders you have punted on in the last 2 years. Spits are on pace to have 2 20 goal players this year which is less than last year, Vail should get 20 but considering he has gone in the tank recently there's no guarantee he gets 20. You can keep Pavelka if you want for next year but this team will have problems scoring goals again.

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