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12-06-2012, 03:24 PM
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If the idea of the playoffs is to determine the best team, you need to include enough teams to be sure the best team isn't left out. Including eight out of 15 in the east certainly assures that the best team is in. In the west you could easily go with just 6, or even four teams. The problem would be that the West conference champion would be determined at least a week before the east, and they'd be sitting around getting healthy or getting rusty. A few years ago they tried having best of five in the east and best of seven in the west to fix that. Problem was, a couple bad bounces, some bad ice, a one game injury or callup, or other fluke can change a five game series and the East teams didn't think it was fair. I think the current system is the best compromise until either the league is balanced, or travel gets a lot cheaper.

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