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12-06-2012, 03:42 PM
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Just to clarify (the megathread is too insane to find any info, and I'm not Twitter savvy)

Is this what's on the table?

-Immediate linked 50/50
-300m make whole
-ELC, UFA, and Arb all unchanged
-Drastically increased club to club revenue sharing (30-40% more than last CBA?)
-5% limit on annual variance on individual contracts(only NEW contracts)
-5yr limit on NEW individual contracts (only when player is changing teams)
-7yr limit on NEW individual contracts (when player remains with current team)

Is that about it?

How many of the current 725 union members that don't already have back diving contract or contracts greater than five years in length can reasonably expect to have a contract like that in the future? Ten guys? Fifteen guys? Hell, even twenty guys is only THREE PERCENT of the union membership. They are getting all current contract honored and an HRR share adjustment to 50% (industry standard) and only about THREE PERCENT of union members impacted in any way by contracting rights issues.

Is that accurate? Why is there a lock-out? Why aren't they starting training camp on Monday?

If the players lose one single additional paycheck, that will have more impact on 97% of union members than simply accepting the deal on the table.

Am I wrong?

And this is apparently contingent on a 10 year CBA with a PA opt out clause after the 8th year.

Eight year PA opt out is perfect.

Apparently the PA is only acting in the interest of Donald Fehr's philosophical beliefs about labor, and his own preconceived notions he had when he took the job. Obviously he had his own ideas about how he'd like this to play out. De certification, lawsuits, full nuclear warfare and the decimation of a hard cap league. That's why he took this job. He didn't take this job to accept a deal that 97% of his constituency would be satisfied with. Too boring. Not political enough.

Players cannot complain about 50/50. They can't. That's just the way of the world. Beyond the 7% reduction in share, what can the players complain about? They'll be paid their contracts and at least 90% of them will suffer no contracting rights impact of any kind.

NHLPA needs to revolt and take this deal before they miss another paycheck. They need to ouster the Fehrs and the blind hardline fools like Ryan Miller and Ron Hainsey. They need to choose a voice that actually represents what 9/10 players are feeling. That guy and that ninety percent would be insane not to take this deal before another check doesn't come.

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