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Originally Posted by RC51
you guys forget something!!

I grant you that Luongo is a top goalie, but under a CAP you should never ever trade your cheap and good rookies.

It takes 3-4 years after you pick them in the draft to develop them and just when they hit the NHL team you trade them ! I don't think so. Trade a draft pick and it's the other team that has to wait for 3-4 years.
Luongo will DEMAND big bucks now and it's the Panthers that have reaped to reward of haveing Luongo for a few years at cheap prices.

If you get a top player but you must have to pay big bucks, it's no great deal, it's paying for what you get.
If I buy a new 911 Porche for $30,000 it's a deal.
At $100,000 sure it's a porche but it's the going rate.
Now giving the dealership 3-4 trade in cars and then having to pay $100,000 is no deal at all. It's dumb.

Is MTL ready to make a cup run next year? NO.
Chip,Tender,Grab, S. Kost and maby a few other are still 1-2-3 years away.
OH but wait ! Luongo will be free in 1-2 years to sign with the Habs.

If the Panthers want something now so they don't have to PAY Luongo an extra 3-4 mil per year then all they should get is 2 Hab regulars that can be replaced. Like Zednik-Ryder-Bonk-Ribs, it the Panthers don't want then too bad, pay Luongo all your extra Cap space next year and stay in the basement of the NHL.
i understand you point but i wonder wich trade offer you are talking about.

was it the aebisher, perezhogin and a 1st?

of course we need to keep our young guys but when you are talking about getting a franchise goaltender, you can trade a #1 goalie and a prospect (wich we have plently of them a the wing positions) and a pick.

and its said that we get stewart so that adress one of our weakness in the prospect department. we would still have our picks from 2nd to 7th round wich will be very good dmen to help our other weakness.

of course we need to sign him long term before getting crazy over it.

and dont forget that for a youngster, its a lot easier to progress in a team that has a solid team (goalie).
thats exactly why washington keeps kolzig.

if you dont get your goaltender a soon as you can, you end up like the sens and philly and have problems in the goalie department for years and you are looking for new options every year.

to build a team, you start with the goalie, then build a solid defense and after comes the offense.

we are 1 dmen away to have a very solid d squad. do we should get that goalie, get our dmen's and let the youngsters we have develop into that.

man, if the habs could land luongo and get that dmen, we would be in buisiness. only thing left to do after that would be to get something to replace ribeiro. then, let tender, kosts, grabs, and such take their places on the team.

they would develop a lot faster with a solid team to play in imo.

that would be awsome and we would be ready for the 2009 cup run and even faster since we already have a good group of players.

we would become a contender right as next year and even more than that the year after and the year after.

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