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Originally Posted by CootaRoo View Post
Everyone keeps plugging Revere in the leadoff slot, but he doesn't actually project there well with his mediocre OBP. Imo, his low K rates, insanely high GB%, elite speed and respectable AVG all point to him being the prototypical 2-hole hitter. He is going to put the ball in play more often than not (moving runners) and beat out DP throws (minimizing superfluous outs) - that is exactly what you want in that slot in a traditional lineup... he is Polanco-lite with (even) less power and more speed at the plate.
Yeah Revere is best hitting second. His career numbers suggest that as well. He's pretty much the prototype. You can do a lot of different things with him there- bunt, hit and run, move a runner, hook one in the hole.

Originally Posted by Snotbubbles View Post
Yes. I'd rather have Michael Young on the roster to be the backup 2b then have Galvis sit in the dugout and get 30 games next year. They did the same thing with Dom Brown and it screwed up his development.
Galvis is going to be on the roster barring any unforeseen circumstances. Charlie said it last year, prior to his suspension, that he would stay on the active roster even when Chase came back. He'll get ABs. Between injuries and days offs. Afterall, if Young joins the team, you have the oldest infield in the league. Michael Bourn spent an entire season as a reserve OF. He turned out alright. Besides, he's the only other guy on this roster besides Rollins that can play a ML quality SS.

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