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Originally Posted by hototogisu View Post
The Golem, or How He Came Into the World: 7.5/10
I randomly downloaded this 1920 silent film from Paul Weneger years ago, and for some reason decided to watch it a couple of nights ago. It was pretty cool. It tells the story of a village elder/sorcerer in a Jewish ghetto in Poland who, reading the stars, foretells an impending disaster for the Jews. The sorcerer builds a golem out of clay in response, and various misadventures occur. It's interesting as an early example of horror, and some of the sets/towns/buildings look brilliantly gothic. The copy I watched was colored so certain scenes were "painted" a certain color (the sorcerer's lab is green, the town is yellow, blue at night, etc). Pretty neat all told.
It‘s actually 1 of 3 films Weneger made about the Golem. He made the one you watched in 1920, “The Golem“ in 1915, and “The Golem and the Dancing Girl“ in 1917. The most recent is a prequel to the first made, and the Dancing Girl one was actually a comedy! Both the first and second made are now lost films though, which sucks because I‘ve always wanted to see the Dancing Girl one..

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