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12-06-2012, 04:21 PM
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Haven't really watched any movies since the beginning of the year, aside from batman and prometheus. I made a list of movies and started watching them recently to get caught up.

21 Jump street -- 7/10

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter -- 4/10

Act of Valor -- 4/10

Battleship --4/10

Brave -- 6/10

Chronicle -- 5/10

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo -- 7/10

Immortals -- 5/10

Men in Black 3 -- 6/10

Mission Impossible -- 7/10

Mission Impossible 2 -- 3/10

Mission Impossible 3 -- 4/10

Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol -- 5.5/10

Prometheus -- 6/10
Biggest disappointment regarding movies I've had in a while.

Sherlock Holmes: Game of Shadows -- 7.5/10

Snow White and the Huntsman -- 1/10
Kristen Stewart gets relentless hate, I never really understood it since I haven't watched her movies before. I kinda understand it now, she's an awful actor.

Ted -- 7/10

The Amazing Spiderman -- 6.5/10
When are spiderman movies going to skip the "how peter becomes spiderman" introduction? Everyone knows this by now, and even though this is a different spiderman story, it's essentially the same, no need for 45mins to be dedicated to this character development.

The Avengers -- 8/10
My favorite movie of the year, found this to be enjoyable from start to finish, and as a superhero action movie that runs longer than 2hrs, that's pretty good. Great summer popcorn movie, I wish I saw this in theaters.

The Grey -- 4/10

Total Recall -- 5/10
For a movie that's set far in the future which gives you a lot of room for creativity regarding the action sequences, this movie ended up being very cookie-cutter. They should've set this movie in modern times, had the exact same action sequences and saved money on effects/post-production.

I honestly have no idea how Kate Beckinsale gets roles as much as she does, regardless of her aesthetic appeal, she's an awful actor.

Underworld: Awakening -- 4/10
When is this series going to end?

Warrior -- 6.5/10
Was expecting this to be a bomb... a movie about MMA... Wasn't nearly as bad as I expected, it became boring when it was obvious that the brothers would be fighting.

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