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12-06-2012, 04:23 PM
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Originally Posted by Maverick41 View Post
Marvin Cüpper (G)
Philip Lehr (G)
Elmar Trautmann (G)

Steven Bär (D/F)
Maximilian Faber (D)
Dominik Fuchs (D)
Henry Haase (D)
Lukas Jentsch (D)
Kilian Keller (D)
Manuel Kindl (D)
Stephan Kronthaler (D)
Oliver Mebus (D)
Max Meirandres (D)
Eric Stephan (D/F)
Alexander Winkler (D)

Alexander Ackermann (F)
Feodor Boiarchinov (F)
Dominik Daxlberger (F)
Hans Detsch (F)
Daniel Fischbuch (RW)
Lars Grözinger (LW)

Raphael Kaefer (F)
Dominik Kahun (LW)
Florin Ketterer (F)
John Koslowski (F)
Christian Kretschmann (C)
Marcel Kurth (F)
Nickolas Latta (C/RW)
Andreas Pauli (C)
Leo Pföderl (LW)

Dennis Reimer (F)
Ralf Rinke (F)
Huba Sekesi (F)
Frederik Tiffels (LW)
Sebastian Uvira (RW)

Thomas Zuravlev (F)
In addition to the very likely Draisaitl, Rieder and Orendorz, who I think will all be there if healthy, I've bolded the names of players who - also if healthy - should at least be in Ufa with the team.

Some others who may have a decent shot are forwards Sven Ziegler (EBB), Denis Shevyrin (KEV), Eric Gollenbeck (MJA), and defenseman Dominik Tiffels (MJA).

Kaufbeuren's Markus Eisenschmid was thought of as a strong possibility heading into the season, but his start was modest (not bad) and now he's injured, I believe.

I'm also going to go out on a limb and say that Dman Tim Bender (MJA) is at least brought along for the ride as one of the 8 or 9 Dmen.

Unfortunately for Germany, Yasin Ehliz just barely misses the cut agewise. He's been very good taking a fairly regular shift in the DEL this season, well on his way to a 25 point season.

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