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12-06-2012, 04:31 PM
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There is a draft just like in the NHL, BUT there is rule that allows teams to protect a certain amount of homegrown players. The number can change every year. You can't implement the draft system in the KHL right away as there are franchise owned hockey schools. They would lose players they invested a lot of time and money in for nothing. On the other hand the teams without such a well developed hockey school need the draft as they don't have an own talent pipeline obviously. So right now it's a point of a heated discussion as teams with good hockey schools obviously lose through the draft, but that's the other teams' gain.

For the above reasons the importance of the draft is much lower in the KHL as the best guys mostly get protected and aren't available for the draft. But still also foreign players get drafted. There is small chance of course RNH or McKinnon would come to the KHL, but if some Bettman orchestrates another lockout someday their rights would be owned by the franchises that drafted them in the KHL and they would be only able to play for hose teams in the KHL or their rights must be traded.

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