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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
Boogaard was four. Toronto signed Orr for four. I'm just thinking of our guys and there are probably plenty more.

It depresses the market. Creates a new normal. Bottom six guys won't see three- and four-year deals anymore. Two years instead. The new normal will be shorter deals for all. I know you and Schmidt don't buy it but I'm convinced.

Cap the years at 8, maybe even 7, and it's not an issue. No more retirement contracts and no effect on the other guys. 5 years is lunacy.
Well, I would actually agree with you hat 7 years is a good length.

But the capping of years hasn't proven to had any effect of shortening contracts for other players in the NFL. I don't see why it would in the NHL either.

There will always be someone willing to overpay. If one team offers 3 years, well, another can offer a fourth year. Adding years to contracts has become part of the lure of free agency in both leagues, so why wouldn't it for the NHL?

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