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Originally Posted by thom View Post
The people who say that Lafleur played with great forwards please know what your talking about.So Shutt Lemaire are superstars?There was a arguement that you can say neither should be in the hall.Lafleur was so far superior to his teamates its a joke.As a winger he led his team is assists 8 times.Lemaire was never a 1st or 2nd allstar Shutt though a good player would not have been in hall if not for guy.The roadrunner was in his last legs when lafleur was dominating .What you need to ask youselves about esposito was did his teamates help him more than messier?Now I favor Messier by a feather but the question about Messier is since he's considered a great leader why did he miss playoff in last 6 yrs?
Actually, the last 7 years of his career he missed the postseason. Yeah, it bothers a lot of us that this happened to him. Those Vancouver/late NYR years were just terrible and did nothing to help his resume. Thankfully he had a heck of a previous 18 years before in the NHL to make up for it. I think it hurts his whole leadership reputation in missing the playoffs those last few years. It would be hard to imagine Beliveau falling into a trap like that.

Originally Posted by pappyline View Post
Well, we all have access to the numbers and no question that he put up high assist numbers. My only point was that I really don't remember him as being much of a playmaker. More of a shooter as I recall. Were did most of his assists come from--rebounds, deflections? Just curious thats all.
Well, you saw Esposito enough. He would have gotten some assists from crashing the net no doubt, but he also had great hockey sense and could find guys on the ice. No doubt his reputation is a better goal scorer though, but leading the NHL in assists in an Orr-led league is still something special.

I would say as a goal scoring threat he got more room to make plays though. That helped for sure, but I still wouldn't call him anything less than a good playmaker.

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