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12-06-2012, 05:11 PM
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Ahh okay bluemandan and bleedblue123, how much have you seen petry play? Did you see personally how he transformed his play from struggling to a top 4 dman? How his and smids great play, finally giving us a legit pairing, led to dubnyk posting some great stats in the last half year? How he improved week to week to week? If you did by all means I'll debate the value of petry with you. If not, I dont know why youre pretending to be experts on him. Having followed hockey for awhile you can see which players are going to keep improving (smart players just needing confidence) compared to ones who won't improve that much more like gagner after his rookie season where he just doesn't have the skill or speed to improve. Petry falls into the former. Notice the objectivity in evaluating players, I'm not just a homer saying petry is great just because he's an oiler.
And just to answer some of your questions why not project Petrys next year on his last forty games? Those are the forty he actually played with confidence for and reflect his true ability. You're right he hasn't reached thirty points yet in the NHL, I've heard young players usually progress in their first five seasons and get better stats. As far a your defensive system making it harder for defensemen to score, Erik Johnson posted the worst totals of his career and Eric brewer posted lower ppg in their next full season out of stlouis. Your theory lacks some proof.
Bluemandan, he's the third PMD behin pietrangelo and who else? And if you didn't jump in half way through you'll notice I said petry doesn't play first pp unit which gets way more time and is way more successful than the second unit. This tells me youve seen very little of petry play and are uneducated on his value. Petry, even if he played second unit in stlouis, would be on a better unit that gets more time than Edmontons second unit. That's where the increase in pp points comes from. And also if both of you read my posts, it mentions a couple times petry will get 30 points next year not 40. Let me know if I'm vastly misreading your posts too cuz I know how frustrating it is to constantly have to repeat an argument

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