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Originally Posted by Fulcrum View Post
Kucherov, the guy who set a record for U18 in points and was better than Grigorenko. He had an excellent season last year by MHL. His raw talent is certainly up there. Fortunately his injury bug has little to do with his talent.

Have you seen Nichushkin play in KHL? The guy is a beast with the puck. I'll let the time tell that story. He surprised me, after a quiet season last year and few minutes, this guy jumped in VHL and became a scoring leader on his team. In under 15 games he made the KHL roster. A star in VHL? He didn't have enough time, he was so good for KHL- and I think he is just heating up. Going by draft prediction Barkov, (who also happens to be Russian) is considered top 3, and Nichushkin top 10. Throw away that Russian factor, he would be higher too.

Slepyshev, yet another victim of the Russian factor. I recommend you stop judging Russian players by their draft status. He was the best Junior on his KHL before he got injured, so I'm not sure what you're talking about there. Also the best LW for the U20 on Russia this year.

Garl, on top of your downplaying of KHL and the players, I think a lot of your information is seriously out of date.
Elite player is a star in my opinion. Kucherov is not a star, you can find a lot of players of his calibre on other teams. What makes him better than guys like Collberg, Teravainen, Sorensen(to whom he lost a battle for a spot in Quebec, despite his chemistry with Grigorenko). He isn't worse than Nick, and was traded partly because he is older, but still.
Good luck to him, and no injuries in future of course.

Nichushkin isn't close to Barkov at this point. Once again, how close is he to National team for example? Barkov is very close. Russian factor has nothing to do with the rankings, actual draft may.
His play in KHL? When did you had the time to be so impressed? He plaed several games with 7-8 minutes of ice time. Scored 2 points in 7 games. Yeah, that's Barkovs level(PPG in SM-Liiga). He's a talented sniper, but come on, it's like if somebody would have said in 2006 that P.Berglund is on the same level as N.Backstrom. Maybe in future, but at the moment absolutely not.

Slepyshev is worse than Zhafyarov IMO. Less talented at least. He's not a bad player, but he missed the draft not because of the russian factor. There were lesser guys drafted. Reason is that he is a mature guy who is not that far away from his ceiling. He's not a star on junior level. If he was a swede or canadian, he wouldn't been on the their roster at all. He's not a star even in his age group.

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