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12-06-2012, 05:16 PM
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From what I understand, here is what happened:

The owners and the players work hard at negotiating and get to an agreement on "Make Whole" (at this point, I'll admit that I have no idea what this means, only that many posters seem to love typing it and that it is a point of contention). The NHL presents an offer to the players.

The players (and Fehr) wait... and wait... and wait... and then demand a mediator when wasn't on call... and then wait...then come back with a bunch of other demands along with this compromise on make whole. Remember, we still have the backloading/cap circumvention contracts, international play, rule changes and the use of the AHL to dump unwanted contracts to negotiate on.

From my perspective, it seems that once Fehr arrived, the plan became to intentionally piss the owners off. It is classless and will only succeed in creating more bad blood, and committing even the moderate owners (like Buckle, who is evidently very angry) to the "Crush the Union" hardliner cause. I think that Fehr is trying to squeeze every last drop out of the NHL, as they have made it no secret that they want hockey back. Several outcomes:

--The owners are bluffing in an attempt to get Fehr to alleviate the pressure and get back to the negotiating table in good faith. If Fehr falls for this, he eases up, and we get more negotiations (and hopefully a CBA!) post haste.
--The owners are bluffing, and Fehr calls it, in which case we get back to the negotiating table anyway.
--The owners are not bluffing, in which case, Fehr has really pissed them off and screwed both himself, and the fans.

EDIT: The NHLPA has submitted an offer that "addresses League concerns" to Bill Daly.

I hope that this isn't another one of the ridiculous offers we saw earlier.

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