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Originally Posted by RayzorIsDull View Post
Probably has to do with the fact DeKort would have more value than Pavelka. It's not easy to find a place for an import goalie because you also need to find a team that can take on an import or move on. So obviously teams like London and Kitchener aren't destinations for obvious reasons. Belleville and Owen Sound aren't destinations because of the goalies they have. Sarnia has a goalie, Soo have productive imports etc.. you get my point. The only match you may have is Ottawa but only a couple players should interest Windsor and probably not worth it.
Thats the problem tho we always trade are young goalie that has potential, Hacket look at him now and Neuvirth I know we didn't draft him but we had him then as fast as he came he was gone. Dekort has some real potential and if you Don't see it your blind I mean there's no need to trade him or I really Believe we will be kicking are selves in the *** once again, and I believe that warren move him Im 100% sure or I'll eat my hat. How much value does Kuchemy got, I no he's soon good in junior B, and honestly I would move Pav before Dekort even tho hands down Pavs been are best player if it's January and spits are 8th or 9th move him for a 2nd and a 94,95 player.

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