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12-06-2012, 05:40 PM
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Originally Posted by toughfighter83 View Post
how is it the owners fault? they gave them what they want, problem is the players want 5 years not 10 years, which is ridicious and the fanbase should not want another lockout in 5 years, if they do, they really are blind and so far up the players butts for nothing.
I hate to break it to you, but nothing significant has changed on the owners side. None of the issues that were causing them to lose so much money has been fixed. The struggling franchises will keep struggling. We will have another lockout when this CBA ends. It doesn't really matter. That being said, if the length is the players' biggest hangup they need to smack themselves.

You fail to mention that the owners are also pushing VERY hard for a 5 year contract limit, which is something no sport has. Again...the owners aren't saints.

Originally Posted by Blackhawkswincup View Post
Maybe if you have something significant to say you shouldn't force owners to sit around all day and show up hours after planned meetings

Maybe they didn't have something significant to say at the time, and they had to delay the meeting because they were reaching a consensus on said statement.


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