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12-06-2012, 06:07 PM
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Originally Posted by no name View Post
In regards to GB, I guarantee that whthere there is games or not this year the NHL will make him a martyr and sacrafice him to the fans. It will be a thanks, here is a parting gift, now please go away situation.

That is the first thing that I would do if I was a PR director of the NHL in order to get the fans back. GB is absolutely hated by the fans. He is hated by the players. He has made some verbal blunders to the media that no other professional would do and it's bit him in the ass. He has been disrespectfull directly and indirectly to the players. He has created a contentiousness where the players believe they can't trust a thing he ever says or his intentions. GB is an assasin and he has done exactly what he was hired to do. Every war needs a man to get his hands dirty and GB was that man. I'm not knocking him but he will have to be sacraficed as the first step to getting the fans and the sponsors back.
you again?
provide quotes for your claims, please?

Tannenberg and Chipman (Toronto and Jets ownership) left the meetings because they got fed up with Fehr...
Also media blunders? Who was calling out the league bluffing, didn't start negotiating till 2weeks before the training camps should've started and proposed not calculated verbal deals with fixed dollar raises?
Btw, today Fehr tried to stall the negotiations by talking about bringing back the mediators...
That has been reported by several respected media guys that own twitter...

Stop being such a HOMER. Even fricken Adrian Dater doesn't bite anymore from Fehrs propaganda.

Bettman via his proposed players/owners only meeting managed to get Fehr for two days away from the negotiations and the two sides actually got closer.

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