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12-06-2012, 06:29 PM
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Fehr shows up to the meetings, and holds a series of "internal meetings" that put the NHL off for several hours.

He then demands a mediator, most likely knowing full well that there was no one on hand.

And when the owners go home thinking that they are back to the drawing board, Fehr turns around and puts out a proposal that (so far) is "90%" of the way there. And Fehr audaciously claims that they are "close".

No wonder the owners are ticked off. No wonder they rejected this proposal, ceased talks and removed "something" from the table.

He's really pissed off the owners now. Makes you wonder, if he just played it straight from this morning, we might be rejoicing hockey right now.

Question: How much "negotiating" has Fehr actually done? So far his only interest is to tick the owners off, and to staal negotiations for as long as possible. What is his end goal in this? Move the moderate owners to the hardcore union destroyers?

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