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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
NHL players who left for World War 2 were coddled in military units where they basically entertained the troops. But the fact is, they were not in the NHL. Fewer NHLers left during World War 1 and most of those who did leave did so for a year or less. But in World War 1, they did fight real battles.

If you actually look at the player rosters during the War years, it's quite obvious World War 2 had a greater affect on the talent pool. But you're right that we shouldn't ignore the affect of World War 1 where it has one.
Let's look at roster size - 1910s you had < 10 skaters per roster with a core of 5 or 6 skaters(NHA/PCHA) and 1 goalie, whereas 1940s you had a rotation of three lines, two defensive pairings and 1 goalie, app 16 player rosters.

The loss of a star player in the 1910' be it a move from one league to the other, injury, retirement or any reason had a much greater impact on a team.

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