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Originally Posted by Richer's Ghost View Post
Lady Advice for this weekend:

Fun story. I was at Cedar Point a long time ago over the summer. I was chilling out in the lazy river when I noticed a cute chick around my age. Her little brother kept splashing her while she was trying to relax/sunbathe atop a tube. After a while, she starts ignoring him and he gets bored and leaves her alone. We're all just drifting, and I'm pretty sure she's either asleep or completely oblivious to the fact that she's about to go under a freezing cold waterfall that spans about 50 feet. So I quickly paddle over and give her tube a little shove to try to push her away from it. She barely gets splashed by the waterfall but it does wake her up. I say "sorry I tried to nudge you out of the way" and we start talking. Eventually she realizes that she hasn't seen her little brother for a long time, and starts to freak out a bit.

I offer to help her look for the little kid and it turns out that he got out of the lazy river and went to the bathroom, then came back. I "spotted" him as he was getting back in and became the hero for doing absolutely nothing.

We didn't get married but we did hook up later that week.

I guess that's sort of relevant to the story except that it was a role reversal and there was no falcon.

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