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12-06-2012, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by danccchan View Post
...actually its your own fault on this one.

In your quote, you said it gave you the giggles, but did not state whether it was a positive or negative.

The only way any reader can take your "giggles" in negative because of how deep the draft is and considering #38 is already a very high position.

Now if he was rated 60 you said the same thing, there would be a neutral reaction, but considering it was not and Hurley was a 38, the only thing that can give a poster the giggles is something that seems totally ridiculous to someone, therefore, if this high ranking must be ridiculous, it must lean into the negative spectrum.

EDIT: Either way, could you clear up your opinion? Could you share your opinion on Hurley and why he should ranked higher (or lower) than 38. What do you see in a player like Hurley?
That's how I read it as well

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