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12-06-2012, 07:26 PM
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Originally Posted by awfulwaffle View Post
I tweeted that a long time ago, and Biznasty went after me. (the greedy part).
I'd categorize him more as a tragic, misguided sheep than a greedy, filthy pig.

He's rah, rah go union despite the fact that this lock out will effectively burn one half of the very last one way contract he will ever sign in the National Hockey League. The seven hundred and fifty kay he's leaving on the table to protect the ultra elite players special enough to earn front loaded, ten year, one hundred million dollar contracts, probably represents at least one third of the money he will make during the rest of his entire hockey career. This lock out has nothing to do with him. It is literally IMPOSSIBLE for the NHLPA to negotiate a new CBA that will be more beneficial to Paul Bissonnette than simply accepting the October 15th offer would've been. 211m in Make Whole and an 82 game schedule likely would've paid him every penny he was expecting from the last CBA. He would've gone on with his career completely unaffected by this lock out. Not just him but every player like him. Every guy in the union that doesn't fit the category of franchise player. At least 95% of his union brothers.

He's just foolish, not greedy. Hell, that goes for most of these guys. Every player on a mega bucks super long term contract is getting grandfathered in and made whole. None of them are ever going to sign another contract, and their existing deals are being left unmolested and paid in full. What are they fighting for? It's as if this entire nuclear war is being waged on behalf of Ryan Nugent Hopkins, Oliver Ekman Larsson, Alex Pietrangelo and every other fresh faced young KID (eighteen to twenty two years old) still on an ELC but yet to sign their 100m deal. Or guys like Seguin, Hall, etc that signed very long, very rich deals, but are likely to get one last huge pay day.

The Crosbys, Malkins, Stamkoses, Ovechkins, etc are all already taken care of. As are the Paul Bissonnettes, Mike Browns, Kyle Chipchuras and every other guy who will never get a six year deal anyway.

This is such a small number of players that are being fought for. It's just incredible. MacKinnon and Jones aren't even union members, so they don't count, either. Of 725 guys in the union maybe twenty or thirty would've been screwed by taking the October 15th NHL offer. All the rest would've been much better off than they are today.

This poster should not be taken seriously under any circumstances.
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