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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
You're posting revisionist history.

The truth is that in the period 2002-2003 to 2008-09 Koivu played at a 68 point per 82 game pace (369 points in 445 games) and Habs fans constantly complained that our biggest weakness was the lack of a 1st line center with size. Now that we have a smaller 1st line center, who produces less, in spite of being in a better situation, people are satisfied (!!!).

He did this playing with Higgins and Ryder at best, both of whom are independently offensively inferior to both Pacioretty and Cole, though you could legitimately argue Higgins is a better two-way player. He was frequently playing with worse. However, Pacioretty and Cole are 1st line wingers on the majority of teams in the league. Higgins and Ryder are not.

Cole did have a career year last year. That happens sometimes. Pacioretty? He scored 14 goals in 37 games the year before, so the same offensive pace as this year, playing with Gomez and Gionta. The reason "nobody would have penned him as a 1st liner" is because we didn't expect him to recover from the Chara hit so quickly. I figured he would play badly like a lot of post-concussion players do. However Pacioretty had been considered a future 1st liner by most of the fanbase and habs brass for years.


I look forward to seeing what Eller can do with good wingers and PP time.

If we want to get creative on this, the closest comparable offensive season in Habs recent history to the one Desharnais just had is Scott Gomez circa 09-10

Total Scoring:
Gomez: 12 goals, 59 points in 78 games
Desharnais: 16 goals, 60 points in 81 games.

Virtually identical ppg although Desharnais has more goals. But both were getting most of their offense through assists.

ES/PP Scoring

Gomez: 40/19
Desharnais: 40/20

Same ratio of even strength to power play scoring a fairly normal 2/3rds, 1/3rds split.

Desharnais ranks 27th in the league for point per games at center, Gomez ranked 30th (excluding players with under 10 games).

Essentially identical years. Except Desharnais gets outscored by his linemates on ES by a fair margin while Gomez kept pace with his while Desharnais had the advantage of better goal scoring.

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