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Originally Posted by hongkongphoey View Post
9-1 loss to the US, a 6-0 loss to the Swiss when it mattered. They had one good game against Team West and they beat the CZE which they should have done.

This was not a team that represented the best of the East. They were outscored 19- 9. They finished 5th. Those are facts, not opinions. The opinion is that the team was over filled with one dimensional players that catch the superficial eye. It was not a team that knew how to play in its own end. Pretty and winning are not the same thing.

I suspect that Smiths Falls or a healthy Raiders would have beat this team. I think that you may disagree and that's okay.

I thought TCE was the perfect example of PPG guys that don't always add up to a winning team or complete hockey players (though they often can). Give me a team full of Tonellis over a team full of Kovalevs any day. That said, I will take a few Kovalev's as long as they have a complete player on the line to keep them out of trouble. Sheldon and Peter G just might be the best at doing just that in the league. Which of course shows just how little input Sheldon had on the TCE composition.
I agree, I think TCE "s__ t the bed" at the Worlds. Although I thought the CCHL kids appeared to do pretty good. I cančt believe they had no one from the Maritime league, I don't care if they thought they did it impartially.... they should have fixed it.

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