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12-06-2012, 07:34 PM
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Originally Posted by no name View Post
Verbal blunders for one would be insinuating the league is profitable. Record revenue is a trick wording in an attempt to make the NHL sound more desrable than it actually is. No other sport says this and they really are making money. Now the NHLPA has made a point to call him on it knowing it's false, but using that as a way to get the media on their side.

GB has a history of sparring with players verbally. From Kelly Hrudey in the past to this year having multiple verbal spats with players in these processes.

As for the last part, read the whole aura of my post. You are piecing words together and blowing the context out of whack. The whole post was about GB doing exactly what he was asked to do. He was hired to be an assasin (that is a business term). GB was hired because of his business reputation and he has filled it to a T. Now, I believe the owners will now let him go (or sacrafice him) in an attempt to win back the fans. They will serve him up as the first step in making good with the fans and building their partnership back with the players. Since it can't be argued that both the players and the fans despise the guy this would be the best PR move that they can do.
Revenues are $ facts, as are costs... Every league talks revenus during their seasons. The Beer deal and the NBC TV deal were aditional revenues. The other things are based on Jersey sales etc... And thus far no one denied the numbers Bettman announced - the revenue pie for last season was a little over 3 billion USD.

How long is now Hrudey retired? I don't think Bettman mentioned any player in these negotiations and there were no public verbal spats this negotiations...

I see Fehr being gone way before Bettman...

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