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12-06-2012, 07:44 PM
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Sounds like the talks just broke down and term limits were part of the reason

I understand some of the concerns of the players but why the hell are they choosing term limits as being the sword they are willing to fall on??!!?

First, this affects so few players that it should be a non-issue. In the Jackets history I believe they've signed one player for longer than 5 years and that was Rick Nash.

Second, many of these deals have gone bad (Gomez, Redden, etc). Yes, the players still get their cash, but being buried in the minors or facing the scorn of fans for being 'cap space' anchors isn't ideal from a player's perspective. If they aren't buried in the minors, they are taking up salary space that could go to other players.

Finally, I think most fans prefer that these cap-circumventing, back-diving contracts are eliminated, so you can't even get the fans on your side for this issue.

It makes no sense.

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