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To the Jr B Expert

Originally Posted by Rangersfan21 View Post
You must not know the league well...There are plenty of the older players who take their game to a completely different level come play off time when the games count
I am definitely not a Jr B expert. My son played Jr. B to start his career. He is finished hockey now. I have followed one team however for the past ten years in the Metro Leaque. No very little about Rideau St Lawrence except for the odd game.

If I was a coach and had a 20 / 21 year old dogging it because it was just regular season he would be benched. This would happen at any level of hockey reg season playoff whatever.

Its not just older players that raise the level of their game in the playoffs. The whole team does. Occasionally you get one player who rises above the rest. Not always an older player. Example: Paul Byron as a 16 year old literally carried Ottawa West on his back to a Leaque Championship. Its the nature of the game. Its the team that as a whole that raises their game that is going to be successful. The Jr B rankings whether statistically correct or not are entertainment at best. Its fun to talk about. I am sure we can talk about Clarence Creek being ranked too high til the cows come home.

Gatineau and Ottawa I think deserve to be where they are and if they raise their level
of play as teams in the playoffs they will be tough to beat. Having said that I am sure
there is a team from the Valley or Rideau St Lawrence that could very well prove me wrong. That is what is great about the playoffs in any league.

But I defer to you the expert.

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