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12-06-2012, 09:47 PM
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Originally Posted by Plan The Parade View Post
The reason the owners are pissed right now is because, during the negotiations of yesterday and today, the NHL made several concessions, the main of which was adding an additional 100 million dollars to "Make Whole" (which I still don't know what the **** it means, I think it was free money to the PA to improve the gap between the two CBA's), in exchange for concessions on contract length ("Contract length is the hill we will die on").

Fehr and the players took the "Make Whole" concession, and ran with it, but didn't put what the NHL wanted into the new proposal. It really pissed the NHL off.
And I'm not arguing any of that and I don't blame the owners for being pissed. My only point is and was that the owners are making concessions from something they don't have where-as when the players make concessions, it's from something they actually have today.

I honestly can't stand Fehr and am not siding with the player in this, just trying to remain objective in pointing out that it's a lot easier to move away from something you don't have (as the owners are) than something you do have (as the players are being asked to).

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