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12-06-2012, 09:02 PM
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Our old friend Dater has some juicy info on his Twitter.

This depth player is wicked smart though. May put his name to comments soon. Sorry for anonymous tilt to this. not my style
....privately, they are feeling powerless as the Ryan Millers and Brad Richards of the world pretend this is a sacrifice for them
Bottom line here: Players say they are unified, but not what I'm hearing from this depth player. They'll deny that publicly, but...
Fehr did not hold a player-wide conference call in saying that, important to note. Came from top down, trickle-down
That depth player was not on the Avalanche, FYI. That's all I have on this
Damn, it would have been awesome if he was an Av.

That deep-inside-players quote came from depth player. They want to play, but top players still in Fehr camp. Could explode soon
From deep inside players side: "We were ready to play again. But Don came in (Wed.) and told us we could get more and to hold out"

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