Thread: GDT: Lockout Thread II
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12-06-2012, 10:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Martyros View Post
If anyone read Adater's tweet...a deep inside player source said that the players were rdy to play until Don came in Wednesday night and told them to holdout for more...

adater ‏@adater
This depth player is wicked smart though. May put his name to comments soon. Sorry for anonymous tilt to this. not my style
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4m adater ‏@adater
....privately, they are feeling powerless as the Ryan Millers and Brad Richards of the world pretend this is a sacrifice for them
5m adater ‏@adater
Bottom line here: Players say they are unified, but not what I'm hearing from this depth player. They'll deny that publicly, but...
This sounds like BS. This man probably read the comments of the Jets owner and drummed up an anonomous source. This is one of th emajor reasons why this CBA is hurting the feelings of the fans. All of this twitter from people who most of the time have no qualifications and rarely even graduated anything more than high school or a CC.

I mean, it would make a ton of sense, but we should never take this stuff as fact.

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