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Originally Posted by Buffalo87 View Post
How so? Isn't that how negotiations work? Sure, I know the players are going to lose. The players know they are going to lose. But the owners aren't negotiating. It's basically, come to us or it ain't happening.
What are the players doing then?
Same thing as you say the owners are doing except worse since they either propose de-linkage and continue to work off of it or work off of NHL proposals after they get something they like and find a new issue that is a sticking point, yet it was never mentioned previously ("moving the goal posts" as the media calls it).

And I don't really believe a word Dater tweets. Why is it that he has quotes that nobody else has, yet he won't say who the "source" is?
Is it really that "out there" that you can't believe it?
It's obvious why he won't name the player, but it doesn't really require a name attached to it to carry weight.

Bob McKenzie said that players he talked to wanted the 10 year deal because of the security.
The proposed contract limit (NHL proposed five years for free agents, seven years for your own player and the PA proposed eight) doesn't even matter to the majority of the union.
The NHL offered the amount of money that the PA named as the deal breaker months ago and dropped other contracting rights requests that actually mattered to the common player like arbitration rights and free agency age, yet they still find a problem with it.

It's not that ridiculous to think that the majority of the union was ready to get back at it because they got what they wanted.

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