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12-06-2012, 10:29 PM
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Ok, I have made sure on the Staff Responsibilities Page that my Director of Football does not try and sign players, I prefer to do that myself...I am wondering WHY THE **** is he constantly trying to spend 4-5 million transfer fees on 2* players all the time?!!I always have to withdraw the contract offer as I do not want to waste my precious budget on these scrubs, and like I said I made sure my DoF has no power to sign or use the transfer budget and yet he is constantly making transfer offers.

Is this happening to anyone else?It gets annoying.Luckily I see on my Newsfeed every time he makes an offer to these 2* players and it allows me to withdraw the contract offers but still, I have no idea why he is doing it when I practically took away his ability to do that.

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