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12-06-2012, 10:39 PM
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Originally Posted by Cin View Post
So much media spin, that I have no idea who's even telling the truth now.

Players want more money and guarantees in a struggling league, in a country where the sport isn't even #5 now.

Owners want to pay players less and less, get sponsors happy, and dictate everything.

Where the **** does it begin and where the **** does it end?

Do any of you ****ing ****** understand that the people who even pay for any of this **** are going without the game? WE pay your salaries, WE pay for your ****ing stadiums, WE buy your merchandise, and WE follow you like a ****ing religion.

Get ****ed NHL. Get ****ed. All of you involved. Get ****ed.
Obviously, I know where you're coming from. Thing is, the diehards will come back no matter what. In the big scheme of things, these lockouts hurt their ability to grow the fanbase among casual fans but that's not really who they count on to make the majority of their revenue base.

What I'm saying is, as far as business goes they actually can say "**** the fans" because hockey fans immediately rush back with open arms as soon as they can. Maybe if some major teams with awesome attendance, i.e. Montreal, Toronto, Chicago, etc. were to be empty for a few games due to fan boycott or something the league wouldn't be able to take their revenue base for granted.

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