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12-06-2012, 10:59 PM
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Originally Posted by RL605 View Post
Won't be surprised if it literally will be if this season is canceled.

If they cancel season, then players are just going to go all in to get everything they want, as is the owners. It will be a straight up war. League folds.

Such a disgrace. Finally gaining popularity, ratings up, Rangers finally Cup contenders, and the season on the brink of being toast.
They should expand on the "No Bettman, no Fehr" policy.
24 hours without those two, we almost had a deal and made more progress than ever before.

Bring even just one of those two back in and now look at where we are.

Just get rid of them both and in the mean time, hire a baby sitter from the church as the mediator between the players and the owners.

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