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12-06-2012, 10:10 PM
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It's weird... I started out mostly "neutral" in that I thought the entire ordeal was needless and being badly handled by both parties. Though I did lean more towards sympathizing with the players.

That has really, really changed quite a bit the last few weeks as the PA illustrates time and again that they don't even seem to know exactly what it is they even want. Oh, right... aside from "just wanting to play," of course. How could I forget... I mean... they're trying so hard!

And no... I'm not "falling" for the league's "ploys." I'm so sick of hearing that cop out. If either side is guilty of forced theater... it isn't the owners. I think the league, as slimy and big of bullies as they can be, actually do care more about getting the season back on track at this point. And that just seems like a really strange thing to say. You would think that the individuals who have actually built an entire existence around the sport would be the ones willing to give a little bit when things are so close to being done.

But no. It has to be more, more, more.

Part of me wants this to just keep on trucking along until a bunch of the dumber, more hardline players are all out in some alleyway in ripped, filthy suits hobo-fighting over a tattered fiver that constitutes the very last of the shattered league's revenues.

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