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12-06-2012, 10:13 PM
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Originally Posted by Mess View Post
Yup, Fehr in his PC today said both sides seem to agree on the money situation, which would include a 50/50 partnership split of HRR linked, and honouring of $300 mil of $451 mil debt in make whole guaranteed contracts that currently exist today.

So NHL would go from 43% to 50% on HR Revenue, and save a cool +$150 mil discount on make whole existing contracts.. but that wasn't good enough as they also want to control how the NHLPA decide to split up their 50% share.

Why should an Owner care if the PA want to give Crosby a 12 year $100 mil deal and another player a 2 year league minimum deal.. Its not their money effected by how much each player makes and for how long as it doesn't come out of their 50% cut, but rather the PA portion and that is controlled by the salary cap system and team escrow to regulate player salaries.
I agree....

What it boils down to is.....the NHL wants the CBA to protect themselves from themselves.....

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