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12-06-2012, 11:32 PM
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Haven't been on this board in a long time, but I'm really shocked. How is everyone so pro-ownership?

It seems like everyone wants to see hockey so badly by this point that they just want the players to accept an offer, any offer. Last time I checked, the NHL, not NHLPA, refused an offer and walked away from the table.

End of the day, players are going to be accepting a loss in revenue share, a make whole provision that doesn't make whole, and new term contract lengths. What exactly are they getting back in return? And that's on top of giving up a salary cap and salary reduction last time around.

I know, I know, "They make millions, they should be grateful!" Yeah, they are also the most skilled people at what they do, beat out millions of others for the job, and are the most important component of an entertainment product that is worth billions of dollars.

I want to see hockey as much as the next person, but if my boss asked me to roll back my salary, and limit my potential contract terms (i.e. job security), just because he had the power to do so, I'd put up a fight too.

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