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12-06-2012, 11:33 PM
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Originally Posted by IU Hawks fan View Post
How can anyone be on the players side when it's seeming now like the players themselves aren't on their leaders side?

I don't get how just a year limit would make someone want to side with the players here.

Fehr is acting ONLY for the '4 percenters' who are getting the 5+ year deals and is recking the other 96%s chances to make money this season.

Until the players turn on Fehr, this thing will just keep going...
This is exactly it!

Look who was at these meetings, Toews, Crosby, Richards, Miller, guys who are the top 5% of the NHL. Why no Clutterbucks, Pahlsons, etc.

90% of the NHL will never be offered a 5+ year contract so why do they care about contractual rights.

The NHL cares because 60-70% of the teams can't sign players to those 10 year front loaded deals that where required to get the top FA. Sure its likely a top FA won't sign for Tampa, Columbus, NYI, etc. but if contacts are limited atleast they have a fair chance.

That is why it's the hill the NHL was willing to die on, it was the only way to even out the have's vs the have nots. Add the 5% variance year to year to stop the front loaded cap circumventing deals. It was the 1 thing the NHL refused to give on, they gave on HRR, Make Whole, FA, Arbitration, but still Fehr and his top 5% lackies refuse a deal and holdout. Now the 90% who aren't getting 100 million contacts, can't get a job in Europe and the small people in the NHL, staffers, arena workers etc won't work or make money so that Crosby and friends can get their 40 year 300 million guaranteed contract.

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