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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
How many times have people alleged that Al MacInnis did exactly that when they argue for Lidstrom's strength of competition?
Mac was a much more complete player in his later years and his offense leveled off quite well as he aged.

Originally Posted by Dark Shadows View Post
A Stance I always argue against since what I saw in Mac's prime overshadowed his later years by a longshot.
If one only looks at counting raw stats sure but in context Dman scoring went down in the later 90's than from the 80's.

Less Dmen made the top 50 in scoring and adjusted stats show this as well.

Al's time in St Louis, time missed by injuries aside, is quite close in terms of overall value given his better defensive game and the changes in defensive and overall scoring as well.

Originally Posted by Rhiessan71 View Post
Al was a more complete D-man later on but he was NOT a better player.
It's like saying the Stevie Y that won the Selke was a better player than the one that won the Pearson.
Anyone and I mean anyone that watched these two players in the late 80's/early 90's knows what we're talking about.
Of course Yzermans outlier season where he scored .32 PPG more than in any other of his high scoring seasons will be better than his age 24 season.

a more relevant question is how much of a difference it was between his pure scoring seasons to his more two way ones.

There is also the point that Steve probably had less of a gap in his game from early days to later defensively than Al did but that's subjective and hard to gauge.

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