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12-06-2012, 10:46 PM
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Originally Posted by FrailSwan View Post
Bettman's no saint. But if you seriously think Fehr is the savior of the players, then you are sorely mistaken. Perhaps you didn't hear the presser's today?

How the **** do you meet with Daly for an extended period, come out to a press conference, say a deal is within reach with multiple agreements, walk off, come back twenty minutes later, and say they reject everything? Fehr plays a bad strategy.

I'm no Bettman lover, but his rager today showed more passion and a twinkle of trust that you will never find in Fehr. The greatest Union leader of all time. The greatest spin doctor in the biz. I support the majority of the players. Just not the select few who follow Fehr blindly, thinking he is doing their bidding. He's playing off his own rulebook. And he's costing the majority of the players dearly.
I'm not sure if you can read, or perhaps you just refuse to credit any of what I say.

I don't think you can quote anywhere in this thread where I've put my faith in Fehr, Bettman, God, the Easter Bunny, or even my dog.

My last posts are in direct response to... The press conference. You know the thing you suggested I didn't see today all over twitter, facebook, TSN, and HF.

You claim Bettman was raging? All of you 'fans' seem to claim he was raging? Looked like the same person I've been watching for years. This time he had some body language to add to the ******** spewing out of his mouth. Your opinions are formed by what the media tells you to think, and it's quite obvious.

Perhaps you should read my posts, and then respond. Not blindly throw accusations out and hope that they stick.

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