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Originally Posted by TheGleninator View Post
I would be upset if he hadn't played as well as he did in the NHL. To me that says his game is ready for the nhl, look at Holtby he had bad numbers in the ahl last year and stepped in and put up real good numbers in the nhl for 21 games. Do you think that the Washington Capitals care about his ahl numbers when he played as well as he did in the nhl. I am not saying that I think Irving is going to be as good as he is older and just isn't but I put alot more stalk in the games he played in the ahl the the last few in the AHL. Even Holtby's numbers have gone down since going back to the ahl (not as bad as Irving's but he has had more starts to even it out). I think you guys are overreacting to a small number of games.
That's where I disagree with you. He had an average save percentage, poor GAA and poor record. He has almost identical numbers to Karlsson (worse gaa, slightly better save percentage) over a much smaller sample size. He's been given every opportunity to show his worth and has dropped the ball over and over again.

IMO, he wouldn't have been given his last contract if he hadn't been a former first rounder.

BTW, Holtby played in front of an awful defense in the AHL and still posted a .913 save percentage and 2.45 gaa to go along with his 14-4-3 record. His numbers were a lot better than Irving's and he's a year younger too.

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